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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions

This is my first time on the website of «Narodniye Promysly», what products do you produce?

We produce effective cosmetics for face, body and hair. Among the wide range of products of our brands, you can find those products that will satisfy exactly your needs. Ultra-modern equipment, advanced technology and quality ingredients allow us to produce high-quality products at affordable prices!

Why do you have such cheap cosmetics?

High volumes of production, the purchase of ingredients in large quantities, our own factory and laboratory, as well as the absence of expenses for large advertising companies - all this allows us to maintain a low price for our products with excellent quality.

I am worried about product quality, can I trust you?

The quality and safety of our products are fundamental principles of our company. We only purchase certified components that have passed multi-stage tests and comply with all safety standards. Our factory is located in Russia, which allows us to fully control the production process. All our products are tested and comply with the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 009/2011 "On the safety of perfumes and cosmetics."

On the product packaging, only the expiration date is indicated, but how do I find out the manufacturing date?

The shelf life of our products is 24 months, so just subtract 2 years from the expiration date indicated on the package. That will be the manufacturing date.

What is the expiration date after I open the product?

Locate the Period-after-opening symbol on the packaging. It shows how many months after opening the product is suitable (for example, 6M means that after opening you can use the product for 6 months).

At what age should I start using cosmetics?

Cosmetics has become an integral part of our lives. We begin to use it from birth and continue in the process of growing up to maintain the skin in excellent condition. The main principle of cosmetics is to make our life easier and better.

There is no clear rule on when to start using cosmetics, but we advise you to pay attention to your skin. If you feel tightness or discomfort and see acne, redness, wrinkles on your skin that bother you, we recommend you to try our products. Among our product lines, you are sure to find those that are right for you!

Can I use your cosmetics during pregnancy or lactation?

Our products are designed to be applied to the skin of the face and body, so using our products during pregnancy is safe. Nevertheless, we advise you to pay attention to possible individual intolerance to the components and conduct an allergic product test (apply the product on the back of your hand and wait an hour or two), as well as consult your doctor.

Why are the makeups of your cosmetics not in Russian?

According to the technical regulations of the customs union “On the safety of perfumes and cosmetics” (TR TS 009/2011), the composition is presented in accordance with the international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients (INCI) using the letters of the Latin alphabet. The ingredients are listed in decreasing order of their concentration in cosmetics - this rule applies to all ingredients, the concentration exceeds 1%.

Where do you get raw materials for the production of your cosmetics?

We do not accept compromises in quality and only work with the leading suppliers of raw materials. Countries that supply us with the ingredients: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, China, Peru, Morocco and, of course, Russia.

Are parabens in creams dangerous?

There are many myths about parabens, but today they are considered safe. Parabens are one of the most comfortable preservatives that stabilize the formula and help extend the shelf life of the product. At the same time, parabens extremely rarely cause allergic skin reactions, so you should not worry about their presence in the composition of the product.

Is PEG in creams dangerous?

PEG (polyethylene glycol) is most often used in cosmetics for a moisturizing effect. It is scientifically proven that this component is not carcinogenic, has a very low degree of toxicity and irritation, and is absolutely safe when used at a concentration of 25% or lower. In our products, the concentration of PEG varies from 0.5% to 3%.

Why is my favorite product discontinued?

Our decision to discontinue the product is based on customer preferences and product life cycle. We will be happy to help you choose a new product in return for your favorite product! Get personal expert advice by calling us on the hotline 8-800-333-36-90 or by writing a letter to info@narodkosmetika.ru.

Did not find an answer to your question?

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