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About us

About us


One of the most successful companies in the Russian market in the beauty industry. For more than 15 years we have been creating the highly effective Farma + Beauty cosmetics. State-of-the-art equipment, advanced technologies and high-quality ingredients allow us to produce high-class mass-market products at an affordable price!


Our mission is to produce effective cosmetics of the highest quality, which aims at preserving the natural beauty and health. We constantly evolve and strive to be one step ahead by updating standards and requirements for our products. We care about the consumers, partners, employees and keep our word.



creating highly effective, high-quality and safe cosmetic products


staying true to yourself and your business, finding new solutions, move forward


turning the advanced developments of cosmetology and medicine into innovative cosmetic products


positive for our customers, finding and improving new ideas introducing them into our products


Our professional technologists work daily on product development, carefully considering the composition and all stages of production. We take the experience of the most famous cosmetic factories in the world and also follow the trends in the beauty industry.


We work only with leading suppliers of raw materials and do not accept compromises in quality matters. Countries that supply us with the ingredients: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, China, Peru, Morocco and of course Russia.


The professionalism of our technologists and our own production allows us not only to develop unique textures but also to bring them to life. Transformer, micro-capsules, gold threads are premium textures developed in our laboratory.

FARMA + BEAUTY — is the latest trend in cosmetics, combining the achievements of medicine and cosmetology. Thanks to cooperation with dermatologists, we create therapeutic and prophylactic cosmetics that solve visual skin problems.


Located in Russia, which helps us to fully control the production process. Modern equipment, full compliance with safety regulations and qualified personnel equate the factory "Narodniye Promysly" to the production of the highest international level. The quality of our products is monitored all the way from the workshop for the preparation of cosmetic products to the assembly shop and the warehouse of finished products.

A wide range of brands allows you to choose the perfect cosmetic product for absolutely everyone, regardless of skin and hair type. Among our assortment, you can easily find products that are designed specifically for you.

PROPELLER — is the No. 1 brand in Russia among products for oily and problem skin. It includes a full range of skincare products prone to acne and black spots.

NOVOSVIT — - a new solution for skin care of the face and body in the format "Farma + Beauty". Cosmetics was developed by specialists in the field of dermatology using the results of recent studies on the dynamics of age-related skin changes.

ZOLOTOY SHOLK (Golden Silk) - products that restore hair health and beauty. The products are based on a harmonious combination of the peptide complex and phytoactive components, a symbiosis of naturalness and advanced technologies. Balanced care that meets the requirements of your hair.

FELDSCHER is our first aid specialist. All brand products are designed to alleviate conditions in various ailments and can be used in conjunction with treatment.

SERAFIMA — absolutely natural high-quality skin and hair care products. Only vegetable oils and extracts, the real power of nature and nothing more.

SUPERNOVA is a professional approach to hair care. The functional system of products is aimed at activating hair growth and stopping the main causes of hair loss using highly effective components.