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Soothing clay mask with Biolin P

Soothing clay mask with Biolin P

This natural mask is specially designed to cleanse and improve the condition of acne-prone skin.

Eco-friendly ingredients are fortified with a powerful plant-based prebiotic:

BIOLIN P - strengthens the protective properties of the skin and enhances its resistance to harmful microorganisms. Mask reduces redness and inflammation.

  • suitable for problem skin

  • deeply cleanses

  • strengthens the protective properties of the skin

Volume: 25 g | Product-code: 4630040342080

  • Zeolite is a natural crystallized mineral of volcanic rock. Environmentally friendly sorbent, in its qualities superior to activated carbon, due to enhanced adsorption and ion exchange.

  • Kaolin is a white clay composed of the mineral kaolinite. Formed by the destruction (weathering) of granites, gneisses, and other rocks.

  • BIOLIN P is a natural plant prebiotic that restores the natural ecosystem of healthy skin.


Zeolite, Kaolin, Illite, Montmorillonite (Emerald Clay), Inulin, Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide.

Dilute the powder with 2.5-3 teaspoons of warm water, stir until smooth. Apply the face mask with a spatula. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Do not wait for the mask to dry. Rinse off with water.

Use the mask immediately after opening.

Avoid the eye area. In case of contact, flush eyes with warm water. Individual intolerance to the components is possible.